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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Slammin Salmon (2009) R5

BSlammin CLEON SALMON (Michael Clarke Duncan), the former Heavyweight Champion of the world, a mean, hard, crazy, and sometimes infantile bull of a man, owes $20,000 to the head of the Japanese Yakuza and needs to come up with the money tonight. So he challenges the waiters in the restaurant that he owns, The Slammin Salmon, a high end, boxing themed seafood eatery in Miami, to sell more food than theyve ever sold in their lives. Its going to be a contest between the waiters with some prizes and penalties: the top waiter gets $10,000 cash and the lowest waiter gets the tar kicked out of him by Cleon.

The contest sets into motion a series of events which complicates the lives of each of the staff members. MIA (April Bowlby) is the sexy, cocky, ballerina who relies on her beauty to sell food until her face gets scalded by boiling soup. Now, her appearance is turning her customers off and sending Mia toward the dreaded last place. GUY (Erik Stolhanske) is the sleazy waiter whose best table is occupied all night by the Lone Diner, a man reading War & Peace and not ordering any food. CONNOR (Steve Lemme) is an actor who quit one year ago to be the star of CFI: HOTLANTA, only to be fired from the show. Now hes back at The Slammin Salmon and finds himself waiting on the entire cast of CFI: Hotlanta. NUTS (Jay Chandrasekhar) is an incredibly subdued, heavily medicated English teacher with both multiple personality and obsessive compulsive disorders, who has forgotten to take his meds and is slowly descending into insanity. TARA (Carla Gallo) is a down to earth med school student who, in the midst of the mayhem, remains the voice of reason, until she gets a 0% tip on her biggest check. RICH (Kevin Heffernan) is the spineless manager who accidentally swallows the engagement ring of a famous celebrity who is about to propose to his girlfriend. DONNIE (Paul Soter) is the brand new busboy whose been thrown into the contest by Rich. Hes two hours behind the other waiters in sales and will do anything to avoid the looming beat down at the hands of Cleon Salmon.

As the hours pass, the action becomes more chaotic as Cleon shows up to supervise the contest and changes the rules on a minute to minute basis. Greed and fear push the waiters towards the finish line, and the contest ultimately ends with sabotage, bribery, indecent proposals and, of course, a heavyweight championship caliber pummeling by the Champ!

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