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Friday, 19 March 2010

Confucius (2010)(Chinese)

Confucius or Kong Zi (Chow Yun Fat) is a Chinese philosopher who is married to Qi Quan (Zhang Kai Li) and the couple have two children: daughter Kong Rao (Chen Rui) and son Kong Li (Qiao Zhen Yu). At the age of 53 years old he is a respected scholar working in the Lu Kingdom with many students, with Yan Hui (Ren Quan) remains as his personal favorite.
He also becomes an advisor for General Ji (Chen Jian Bin) who later betrays him in the end as he is seen as a threat to Lu's Kingdom leadership. At the end Kong Zi decides to resign from his post and leaves Lu Kingdom and travels around China to promote his own philosophy. Once he has been invited by Nan Zi (Zhou Xun), an imperial concubine of the Wei Kingdom for the purpose of interpretations of his poems.

During his journey to the capital of Zhou he meets with Lao Zi (Jiao Huang), another philosopher and learns the system of ceremonial observations from him. Kong Zi is so impressed with the system that he decides to follow it. During the last nine years before he dies he establishes Confucianism and authors "Five Classics" and produces numerous textbooks for his students.
At the age of 73 years old Kong Zi passes away leaving behind his teachings with his students that continue to pass down his teachings even until today.

Genre: Biography Drama

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