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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Muay Thai Chaiya 2007 DVDrip

Muay Thai Chaiya 2007 DVDrip
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Size : 691.25 MB
Genre : Action/Adventure, Art and Sports
Language : Thailand
Subtittle : English (hard-coded)

Growing up in Chaiya, Surat Yhani Province, three boys, Piak, Pao and Samor, are followers of Pao's brother, Krang (Prawit Kittichanthira), a legendary muay Thai fighter who is taught by Pao's father, Tew (Samart Payakaroon). After an accident partially cripples Samor, Piak and Pao train as boxers under Tew, but the boxing school is broken up when Tew and Krang are recruited for a gym in Bangkok. Eventually, Piak and Pao go to Bangkok themselves, bringing along Samor, and Sripai, a nurse who is engaged to Piak, but whom Pao secretly loves.

Piak's hot-headedness makes him a fierce fighter, but it is also a liability that costs him a fight and ends his career. He joins the world of underground bare-knuckles brawling, and he and Samor take on other jobs in the underworld as well, including helping out at go-go bar where the pretty Warn dances and seduces Piak. Pao, meanwhile, begins training with his father, and works his way up the ranks, is put forward as a top boxer in a match against a fierce farang, Diamond Sullivan, which places Pao at odds with the gangsters whom Piak and Samor work for.

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