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Friday, 18 June 2010

Monga 2010 RETAiL DVDRip XviD-GAYGAY

Monga 2010 RETAiL DVDRip XviD-GAYGAY 1.37 GB
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DivX Release.: 06/17/10
Video Codec..: xvid 996Kbps
Resolution...: 640*384
Language.....: Mandarin|MinNan
Subs.........: en/cht
Audio........: AC3 384 kbit/s
Runtime......: 140mins

Starring the top two male idols in Taiwan, Ethan Ruan (Monk) and Mark Chao (Mosquito), "Monga" tells about the story of five boys from the historical district of Monga in Taipei, who join a gang because they were tired of being bullied around. As the young men enjoy their newfound status as gangsters in Monga, they have no idea that other gangs have also set their eyes on this prosperous area. Under the guidance of a veteran gangster, the youngsters are taught the heritage created by the founders of the borough of Monga. He has no idea, however, of a storm brewing that will soon break every hint of order in town, and remove the last remaining grandeur of the old town Monga.


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