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Monday, 5 July 2010

Caught in the Crossfire (2010) [DVDRiP]

Caught in the Crossfire (2010) [DVDRiP] -AVI-
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Size : 700 MB
Country : USA
Genre : Crime
Language : English

Directed and penned by Brian A Miller, “Caught in the Crossfire” is a crime movie. Chris Klein, Adam Rodriguez, 50 Cent, Christine Lakin and Richard T. Jones etc play the important characters on the movie namely Briggs, Shepherd, Tino, Tracy and Captain Emmett etc. Caught in the Crossfire goes along with two detectives who investigate a gang and find themselves on the target of the gangsters and also corrupt policemen.
How would they protect themselves, the movie has the answer.



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  1. This film had no item agenda, real, which in itself, is large. I love the performance of 50 Cent in Caught in the Crossfire, It didn't pretence, fitting proceeded to create the parts of a down-to-earth evildoing tarradiddle. This gritty episode possesses a sagaciousness of credibility that its sheeny, smooth, higher-budget counterparts ofttimes need. This prefab for a new number. Lots of surprises from a well-written account that builds the plot purposely.