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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sang Pencerah (2010) DVDRip RMVB-KURYU

Sang Pencerah (2010) DVDRip RMVB-KURYU
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File Name : Sang Pencerah (2010) DVDRip RMVB-KURYU
Genre: Biography | Drama
Runtime: 104 min
User Rating: 7.5/10 (15 votes)
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: None

Sang Pencerah the movie, Indonesian Religious films. Movie story about History of Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan. Kyai Haji Ahmad Dahlan (1 August 1868 Yogyakarta — 23 February 1923 Yogyakarta) was an Indonesian Islamic revivalist who established Muhammadiyah in 1912.After returning to Java around 1888 from Mecca, “Darwiss”, changing his name to “Ahmad Dahlan.”As one of the growing group who regarded themselves as modernists, he was concerned at the many Javanese practices not justified by Islamic scripture and argued for the creation of a renewed purer Islam more in step with the modern world.Through a small mosque, Ahmad Dahlan started a movement to change the wrong direction, and angered a kyai “elders guard tradition”. Ahmad Dahlan accused as “infidels” simply because he opened the school that puts the students sit in a chair like a Dutch modern school. Ahmad Dahlan was also accused as the Javanist kyai ,only because he’s very familiar with with intellectual people in Budi Utomo.But the allegations didn’t make him desperate. Accompanied by his wife, Siti Walidah and five faithful disciples: Sudja (Giring Nidji), Sangidu (Ricky Perdana), Fahrudin (Mario Irwinsyah), Hisyam (Dennis Adishwara) Dirjo (Abdurrahman Arif), He created Muhammadiyah in 1912 as an educational organisation as a means of realising his reformist ideals. It was quickly joined by traders and craftsment. Today, Muhammadiyah is the second largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia after Nahdlatul Ulama.


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