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Monday, 30 August 2010

Ratu Kostmopolitan (2010) DVDrip (Indonesia) RMVB upload by ceres9145

Ratu Kostmopolitan (2010) DVDrip (Indonesia) RMVB - ceres9145
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Language: Indonesian
Format: RMVB
Subtitle: None
Genre : Comedy
Size : 294MB

The story is about three female students of different backgrounds and live in a boarding house owned by Mrs Lakshmi (Yatti Surachman). All three work together so that a boarding place is not evicted by the land mafia.

Gina ( luna Maya ) worked as a journalist, Dance ( Tyas mirasih ) was an aerobics teacher and Zizi ( Imey Liem ) worked as a tattoo artist. The three of them are friendly. And lectures in Jakarta.

Fortunately Mrs Lakshmi (Yatti Surachman) although actually looked cruel, widows without children special boarding house owners where they lived was a student, not arbitrarily charge a boarding money.

One day, a group of thugs sent by the mafia land arrived to terrorize housing where they live. The thugs chaired by Rido (Reza Pahlavi) intimidate residents to sell their land to low-cost immediately. Even to burn a few residential areas in order to immediately emptied.

With the help of their idol Youth chairman, Seno (Fathir Mochtar), three beautiful and sexy students plan a unique strategy for dealing with these thugs.The war has begun, so there was a unique and humorous style of war-style boarding queen.

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