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Friday, 14 May 2010

Huang Jia Ci Qing (2009)[DVDRip]

Size : 1CD 50 x 15 MB
Subtitle : English / Chinese
Language : Mandrin
Genre : Comedy

Plot :
AD 1898, due to Yuan informants, the Hundred Days Reform failed, Guangxu emperor was imprisoned in Yingtai Empress. Maintenance of the palace of Lu 2 generation mason origin, in order to take over the rest of Yuanmingyuan project, the plan will be plotting the Emperor Kuang Hsu tattoo in a bid to rob money shops to enter the grounds of the University of disabilities Tianlao rescue. Tianjin bully Xu Mito被震Nancheng red because of seats and seize territory and the men in the west, south and beat the storm, he found, I tried to kill in red when the cop formoe been arrested as a reformist faction which enter Tianlao.

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